Inspired by a Birthday Card sent to me by my friend and lipstick-cohort, Eileen Holland!

What is a Greedy Lipstick Pig??

Glad you asked! A greedy lipstick pig is a Mary Kay Consultant who NEVER wants to be out of product, always has to have at least 1 or MORE of every color of lipstick, eyeshadow, you name it! AND she wants to GO FOR ALL THE CONTESTS!

How can I become a member?

When a consultant places her FIRST $600 Section 1 wholesale order, she becomes an HONORARY MEMBER OF THE GREEDY LIPSTICK PIGS!! THEN e-v-e-r-y month she places a $600 Section 1 wholesale order, which puts her ON-TARGET for SAPPHIRE STAR CONSULTANT, she will get a SPECIAL PIG PRESENT from me!!! That's it! It's EASY!! Do you realize that only 1 show/class per week will easily get you to that minimum?

START your business with $3600 in wholesale inventory and you are AUTOMATICALLY INDUCTED as a TOP GREEDY PIG!!

BUT...once you place your FIRST $600 order, or you accumulate to the $600 in your first month, then you will become a member and will receive:

  • A SPECIAL PRIZE from ME that will identify you as a GREEDY LIPSTICK PIG!!!
  • The joy of being a member of an exclusive group (people will whisper about us!
THEN every month:
  • When you place a $600 order you will get a special "PIG PRESENT" from me! (and BELIEVE ME you will WANT those presents!!)
When you reach the ultimate PROFIT LEVEL INVENTORY of $3600 wholesale in Section 1 products on your shelves you will receive this beautiful pink crystal & gold BIG PIG pin!

Here's the game plan on how to work your way up to the BIG PIG!!

  • Start with $  600 in wholesale and purchase $600/month for 6 months
  • Start with $1200 in wholesale and purchase $600/month for 5 months
  • Start with $1800 in wholesale and purchase $600/month for 4 months
  • Start with $2400 in wholesale and purchase $600/month for 3 months
  • Start with $3000 in wholesale and purchase $600/month for 2 months
  • Start with $3600 in wholesale and purchase $600/month for 1 month

When you reach PROFIT LEVEL INVENTORY you will be paying yourself a paycheck of the FULL 50%!!

TOP Greedy Lipstick Pigs
(profit level - $7,200 Retail on shelf!)

Greedy Lipstick Pigs $1,200+ on shelf!

Laurie Farris (Grand Poo-Bah Greedy Pig!) Paige Bluejacket
Mandy Kelly

Kim Depass  

Tina Huett 
Andrea Heikkinen
Shawna Kinslow
Josephine Mugo
Ashley Traylor
MonShea Bowers
Chrissy Herron Linda Flowers
Julie Dixon


Veronica Barrera  


 Eileen Holland